Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Family Reunion

Last week was America's Birthday, but more important for Antonio, it was a trip to Washington to see all his family and even meet some new family. Thanks to Deb, Antonio has a HUGE family!

This trip he packed his backpack and headed out to our favorite Alaska Airlines.

On the 4th we took the boys to the Anacortes parade where grandma and grandpa were walking with the Shell Fire trucks and Great Auntie Dorothy and Deb's cousin Jenny were riding with cousin Zachary.

Both boys thought it was way too loud at the parade and spend most of it like this.

Deb's snuggles weren't enough for Antonio so he picked up Elijah's arms and wrapped them around himself. They were so sweet snuggling together.

Deb's cousin Jen and her husband Steven came with Zachary (one month younger than Antonio) and Baby Emma (just one year old) along with Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Bob from Texas for the week.

At first Antonio wasn't so sure about cousin Zachary but in the end he was so happy to play with him! And was fascinated with "petting" baby Emma.

It was amazingly hotter in Oak Harbor than in Burbank so there was a lot of water play.And eating outside.... At night Antonio went to stay at Mamma's house, which he really enjoyed. Mamma had some great books that he hadn't read before and he was thrilled to read them. And surprise all his grandparents that he actually CAN read.

And every night he slept so well! It was a great trip.