Monday, May 28, 2007


The problem with not doing blog updates for a while then trying to power through a bunch, trying to hit all the major moments of the past week or two, is that sometimes you miss something important.
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy.
Yeah, I'm in trouble.
But Deb has some new Antonio pictures to show off.
Yeah, that one's our favorite, too.

Antonio's On the Move

Antonio had a very busy Memorial Day weekend. We went up to Oak Harbor, had some El Cazador delivery, and spent some good family time.
Some notable occurrences:
Antonio had his first golf cart ride with Mamma and Bonk.
He hung out at Campbell Lake for the first time.
And that's pretty much it...
Oh, and he started crawling.
Yeah, and now he won't stop.

Time to re-baby proof the already baby proof house.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sorry, I suck

Where are you supposed to go for all your Antonio updates if I'm not updating anything. Multiple catch-up posts below.

Mommy's Back

Mommy's back from Mexico. She got really tan. But she didn't get too much sun that she didn't want to take Antonio out to the back yard so he could enjoy the sun.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, Antonio doesn't need any help to drink milk. He can do it himself. Self. Self. Self.

Laurie's Back

Antonio's best friend Laurie has been in Africa saving the world. Good news, the world is now saved and she's back.
Both her and Antonio couldn't be happier.

The Barges Watch Me While I Watch Antonio

Mommy went out of town (Not for work this time, she had the tough duty of going to Cabo and hanging out by the pool with some of her friends.)

So while she was gone, Grandma and Grandpa came to help me take care of Antonio. Auntie Chrissy came too. We made it through the week without any problems. And we learned two things.
1. Antonio likes it when Grandpa gives him a bath, and;
2. Havana doesn't.
Here are more pictures:

Who Is This Clean(ish)-Shaven Man and What Has He Done To My Daddy?

Happy Birthday, me. A week ago, but whatever.

I was shaving for dinner and had a bit of a mishap. The only solution was to take the whole thing off and start over. So my face is now as soft as Antonio's bottom. He still remembered me, so that's good.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Antonio's First Hollywood Party

Monday morning I got an email... were we coming to the 7th Heaven funeral. Since I didn't know about the 7th Heaven funeral, I said what? Then I found out that they were throwing a "funeral" for the show, and I said sure.
Of course, the email came at 7:30 in the morning and the party started at 6:00 PM. No problem, just book a flight, pack our bags, get Antonio ready for his second plane trip, send Havana off to stay at Auntie Chrissy's. It was all so easy.
Unfortunately, the only two non-exit row seats next to each other available at anytime during the day were in First Class, but the privileges of being Alaska MVP Gold Members -- Free Upgrades. So Deb, Antonio and I hit row 2 on our way down to LA. Antonio is about the cutest traveler ever.

We landed at 5:00. The party was in one hour and we had Los Angeles traffic to deal with. The only logical solution, Town Car (Thanks, Brenda).
We got to the 6:00 party at Hollywood Forever Cemetery at 6:01. It was quite a scene. People I'd worked with for the past seven years all gathered to say goodbye. A gospel choir. Johnny Ramone's grave. Everything you think of when you think of family-friendly television.

When it was over we said our goodbyes and headed back to the car. It was nice to spend a night in our condo, and the Town Car driver was even nice when Antonio threw up all over the backseat on the way to Santa Monica. Antonio had a long day and it was well past his bedtime, but he was such a trooper.

We were up early the next day and caught our flight, Antonio was so tired, he slept in my arms almost the entire way home. The other passengers were very happy about that development.

Deb and I were both very impressed that we still had our ability to hop on a plane at a moment's notice. But mostly we were very happy to help celebrate the end of something that had been a part of my life for the last seven years. And Antonio was happy he was there, too.

Uncle Rod Moves to Town

Our friend Rod, in between his world travels to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Chicago and New York, has moved to Seattle.

So that means a golfing partner for me, some hanging out time for Antonio, and some really good food for everyone.

In other news, Antonio enjoys his bath.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good Weekend With the Rodgerseses

Deb had an event in Atlanta, and instead of leaving us boys to trash the house, she called my parents in to help. We had a great time. But like I've been bad with the updating lately, I was very bad with the pictures this weekend. Here is one at story time with special guests, Bonk, Becky and Preston.
Then Deb came home and it was another beautiful day, so the whole family went for a walk.
This is what it looks like when Havana gets a "time out" for yelling at too many passing dogs.

This is the Droid You're Looking For

Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been blogging lazy lately. Here are a bunch of pictures of a sunny afternoon we spent in the back yard.