Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunda Weekend

On March 13th, Deb flew to Chicago to surprise Rod, who just opened up his new restaurant, Sunda. That meant that daddy and Antonio got some much needed man-time for the weekend.

What do you do with man-time? Well, you go to Easy Street to see "girlfriend" so she can cook some breakfast for the boys...
Then you head to the aquarium to see all of Antonio's favorite friends. And what does mommy do in Chicago....She sees "uncle" Rod and he is surprised.
And he brings out the best midnight snack ever!
And she gets to see Antonio's very pregnant Auntie Becky and Uncle John - Antonio's other godmother - and she gets to see the river dyed gree, though she said it looked like Campbell Lake.
Of course, daddy's work wasn't done. He still had to teach Antonio that Uncle Rod lives in Chicago and that Auntie Becky (aka Auntie Deuche Bag (too much story to explain)) lives in New York City.

It sure is fun having a two-year old!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mack Strong

Mommy got a new book today, but Antonio was far more excited to read it.

Soon he will see that he is right to be excited, Mack is one of Mommy's favorite people!

Where'd the time go

It is somehow the end of March and the bloggers in this family have been slacking. Antonio however, has not been. He has had a great and busy month.


And escpecially reading and imagining about the Wonder Pets - the best super heroes of all!
And yes, even curlers can pretend to be the Wonder Pets. This is Antonio playing in his toddler class and pretending the curlers are the Wonder Pets.

And in between it all he has found time to look cute...

We even squeezed in an Oak Harbor visit and got to meet Uncle B's new bird, Apollo at the pet store.
Though Antonio was much more interested in watching Kara, just like his cousin.
Uncle B showed off the cool fish...One day at the park Antonio found himself with and admirer who followed him around everywhere he went. We know it won't be his last admirer.
But sadly Antonio has also had his share of sick this month. And for the past week or so he has just been cuddling a lot and not feeling too good.
But Antonio has still been smiling through the month and can't wait to kick this cold!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

See ya Dad!

Antonio has gotten so great at saying good-bye to daddy each week...for a few weeks it was really tough and then we made a deal. Every time daddy goes to the airport we get to watch a show when we get home. Wow, it has made everything so much better.
Now we tell him we are going and he is so happy to say good-bye....

Then he can't get to the car fast enough....

But in spite of the excitement for daddy to go, his smile is always bigger when daddy comes home again!