Monday, September 29, 2008


Every day with Antonio is a fun new adventure right now. Today at toddler class, he had his first painting project. He seemed to enjoy it so much that it seemed like time to show him how his new easel was also for painting. He did a bit of fingerpainting, a bit of brush painting and a whole lot of artistic expression. We have a wonderful artist in residence program with the first of many pieces to come on display. The gallery is happy to open to interested connoisseurs.

Havana and Antonio are also both loving the deck. They would be happy playing out there for hours. Notice the great toy box, courtesy of City of OH!

But the thing that amazes us every day is Antonio's brain. He is learning more and more every day and today in the bath he STUNNED US.

What was stunning was, we weren't talking about this book....and it was NOT in the bathroom. He is saying it all from his little memory! And he got it all right!!! He did it twice so the video is a combo of the two times. AMAZING to us parents.
For anyone that doesn't remember this great story, here is the book below - we took pictures of it after he went to bed to share.

I can't wait to see all the other tricks he has up his sleeve!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was a good day

Today we took a drive to a nice park and spent an hour playing and enjoying until a birthday party spoiled the fun. You try explaining to a 2-year old why he can't go in the bounce house or have the balloons. But, it was fun while we were there....
Then, we went for another stroll in the wagon, and planned to see the car show, but missed all but the rescue cars, but they were cool.
And we ended the day wishing we were eating cake for Auntie Becky's Birthday! Why can't we have cake everyday. Again, try explaining that to a 2-year old.

Happy Birthday Auntie Becky!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A New Room

Good news, our deck is finished and all new, the bad news, it has taken since we moved in for it to happen. But, Antonio now has another room to play in, well outside that is, and he loves it.

And, outside he discovered one of his new presents from his birthday - an artists easel with a chalkboard. He'd never seen chalk before so this is a fun new toy.

He played out at his table for quite awhile and kept bringing more toys out to play too. And then went into this funny little game that he did over and over. It was hilarious to us and to him.

Now that the deck is finished, Jeff can grill again....yummy.
After sitting in his wagon on the deck reading a birthday card from Uncle Doug and Aunt Alice, we decided to take the wagon for a ride. He loves the wagon, even with the new adventure of getting outside via the elevator. It is still fun once we get out there.

It has been another good weekend together as a family.

The Very Hungry Caterpiller

Antonio was a very hungry boy...

For breakfast he ate two pieces of sausage, one egg... piece of French Toast...

...fifteen Blueberries...
and he was still hungry
S0......he had three more pieces of sausage, more egg, and twenty more blueberries.

At snack he had one dried apple and at lunch he didn't want to eat so he took a long nap.

After nap he ate a banana, but he was still hungry.

So at dinner he had rice, fish, strawberries and more rice.

He was a very hungry "cra-a-pee-rorr" favorite new word he says.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy Week

Things are going well in sunny California. Today is was 95 degrees. Antonio played at the park this morning and was SO sweaty!
Jeff has had night shoots all week and has been able to be home in the morning to play with Antonio this week, which has been great!

He is talking so much, and most of it we can understand. But this little routine is one we have no idea what he is saying and he does it every day.....

Someday we will look back and laugh at this crazy conversation he would have with us.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Uncle B

This morning Antonio woke up and missed Uncle B. He was in his crib saying Bye-Bye B, Bye-Bye Uncle B.

He has a new poster of pictures of Uncle B, so maybe he woke up thinking about it....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Circle of Life

Havana has the luck to have her birthday the day after Antonio's! She is four years old and really is the best friend a two-year old boy can have. For Havana's birthday Antonio received more presents in the mail and Havana had Grandma still here to sleep with, which was the best present of all.

Havana's birthday is also a sad day for us, because Antonio and Havana's best friend Copper passed on her birthday. Copper was nine years old and Antonio LOVED Copper (Papu as he and Elijah call him) and Copper was the only dog that Havana actually got along with.

These are just a few pictures of our last visit with Copper before coming to California. We will miss Copper and know he is in doggie heaven swimming in the lake.

And of course, our favorite picture of Antonio and Copper together....