Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beat the Heat

Everyone in Anotnio's family is experiencing real heat this week as Washington gets a massive heat wave. As for us in California, every day is heat wave so there are a lot of good options for staying cool. One of our new favorites is the KidsSpace Children's Museum.
Besides some of the best indoor space for a Children's Museum the best on a warm day is the outdoor space. There is this wonderful stream with a waterfall, bridge, mill and buckets to play. It is so well built that the rocks are not slippery and kids come from miles around to splash.

We joined the first time we visited so that we can go as often as we like and it is already a favorite for us all. Stay cool everyone!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm not a big boy, I'm a handsome boy

Someone I know has become a BIG BOY! Since our return, Antonio has given up his bedtime bottle. Now yes, he probably would say it was stolen from him, but either way it is gone. And, since he is a big boy, he has a big boy bed! He couldn't be prouder of his bed and that he can get in and out on his own. The best part is he now gets to go to his closet and pick out his own shirt for the day. In case you couldn't tell, that isn't Jeff but Antonio, though the fashion is the same!

It is fun to be a big boy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lets feed the animals

Today we went to a farm in California that has animals that you can feed and touch. Antonio did a lot of touching and Jeff did a lot of feeding...just a sneak peek! More to come!

Goin' Back to Cali

We are home again and back into our rhythm of Southern Cal! First order of business, getting Antonio a haircut because it is super hot here!
So he now is sporting his short do and still has SO much hair. Jeff is extremely jealous.
Now it is back to school, play and work for all of us.


Antonio's visit to Washington is not complete without some quality time with Laurie, and that is often a hike!

Bet you didn't know there was sand in Washington. Leave it to Laurie and Antonio to find it! They had so much fun and it was a beautiful day to enjoy some of their favorite spots.
Now Laurie is off to Africa for a little more saving of the world, and Antonio will be heading back to Cali for a little more growing.

Happy Birthday America and Uncle Alvin!

There is no better way to celebrate the Birthday of America than an Ol' Fashion Parade in Oak Harbor! And the best part is seeing what order Jill Johnson puts the parade in - ah the power of the Chamber.

But to start off the day we had to visit the Rotary Pancake breakfast! And of course, Bonk was there with all his buddies making yummy pancakes. Antonio got his $5 worth with pancakes and three pieces of sausage.

Daddy and Antonio had front seat view for the parade in front of Grandma Jo's bar.

Which meant Mommy could go and and grab a beer, with John and Becky. Baby Sadie was happy to wait outside.

Antonio sat on the sidewalk to watch for awhile with Auntie Ang and the baby in her belly. Well, Baby Cy has since come out but it was very fascinating for Antonio to try and figure out.

And he didn't mind mommy holding Baby Sadie for a little while...

Then it was off to the lake to celebrate Uncle Alvin's big day.
Elijah and Antonio LOVE Uncle Alvin!