Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poor Antonio

Antonio has his first big boy cold. It is about the least fun thing that's ever happened to him. If he's not having trouble breathing, then Mommy's wiping his nose or Daddy's forcing him to take medicine. Really, it's pretty awful.

About the only good thing to come from it is that Antonio has learned the fine tradition of sitting around the house in his pajamas when he gets sick. Laurie was a good nurse and cuddled with Antonio while he watched The Wonder Pets all morning.
Before he got sick, Antonio had lunch for the first time at the local brew pub. He loves fish and chips.
We came home and Antonio played with Havana for a while. It looks like some little girl enjoys one of her brother's toys a little too much.

Luckily he was feeling fine last week when Mamma came to stay with him while Deb and I were out of town for a few days. They both had a good time while we were very busy packing up the California condo and putting everything in storage. Yep, we sold the condo. We had a lot of good memories there, but it was time to move on.

Goodbye, Santa Monica Communal Living.

Monday, July 23, 2007

He Wore A Raspberry Beret

Antonio loves nothing more than to make fart noises with his mouth. Don't know if it's because he likes the sound, likes how it feels, or just thinks he looks cool when he does it. (He does, so that's not the issue.)
The only people who like it more than he does are his parents. We think it's just the cutest thing ever. It bugs Havana, however; you can hear her starving for attention in the background.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Family Day

We had a nice little day today. Just the family (sans Havana) walking around Alki, checking out a car show, and enjoying each other's company.
Antonio had his first restaurant high chair meal (Mexican rice and a fruit smoothie). It was fairly messy.
Then we finished up and hung out at home. Antonio had a lot to say about it... he's really discovering his voice.

The big news for the week is that Antonio stood on his own for the first time. Sure it was just for five seconds, but it was still impressive.

Debbie adds: "Daddy's blog is lame today. He's really slacking in the efforts these days. As the pictures show but the words do not, Antonio is in love with books! He is a chip of the 'ol dad block. And, he's discovered something fun called hiding under things like chairs, tables and especially his high chair. Jeff says he'll be a cave explorer when he grows up. We are still in love this wonderful little boy who is just as beautiful as ever!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lots To Cover Because I Am Lazy

Boy, you don't write an update for a while and you've got a lot to cover. Where to begin?
It started last weekend, when Deb, Antonio and I headed to the beach because it was such a beautiful sunny afternoon.
Then on Monday, Antonio's great aunt Dorothy came for a visit. With Aunt Dorothy, Grandma, Nina Chrissy, and Deb, that was four women with Baza blood in my living room. That was one loud living room.
Like all weeks, Antonio had to get clean. That boy sure loves his baths.
We also spent some more time outside during the week, as the temperature hit record highs in Seattle. It was so hot, Antonio decided to go swimming in the backyard wearing only a hat. That cooled him off.
Then on the weekend, while Deb went to Las Vegas for a friend's wedding, Antonio and I headed up to Oak Harbor so I could play in a golf tournament and Antonio could see some family. Golf wasn't great, but the family visit was.
And guess what, Deb (who as always is much smarter than I am) figured out how to put videos on here. So guess what that means... Antonio in action. Here's a little bit from this weekend when Antonio decided to sit in his cousin Elijah's swing. It was just a bit too small from him.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Antonio Saw Some Fishes

Antonio and I took a little field trip to the Seattle Aquarium today. (Yes, I realized it was entirely too hot for the full hiatus beard right now.)
Antonio wasn't quite sure what to make of everything, but he seemed to enjoy looking at the different kinds of underwater life.
Luckily Uncle Brandon was there to show him what's what.
Antonio loved the fish dome, where he was surrounded on all sides by fish and eels and sharks. It was like Nemo come to life.
The little guy had so much fun at the aquarium that he decided he didn't need to take his second nap today. Somehow he managed to make it all the way to bedtime in a good mood, and after a nap, Mommy read him a story book about fishes and he remembered all the fun he had earlier in the day.
I'm sure aquarium visits will become a tradition in the future.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Self Self Self Day (or Happy Birthday, America)

The 4th of July is now Antonio's favorite holiday. For starters, it's the one he's been the most alert for. But most of all, Antonio loves any day he can proclaim his independence. Because he loves to do things himself. Self, self, self.
Antonio started the day by modelling his super cool, patriotic Independence Day outfit.
With the temperature starting to climb, we realized we needed something to help the house stay cool during the day, so we headed off to Home Depot to buy a new AC unit, hoping that would do the trick.
It didn't. So Antonio hopped into the pool again.
He cooled off and had some fun splashing around at the same time.
Now all we can hope for is that he sleeps through the fireworks tonight.