Saturday, February 21, 2009

Haircuts aren't as bad as they use to be...

We have waited as long as we could, but Antonio's hair is just way too long...So we went in for a haircut on Friday. And with the help of a little McQueen on the itouch, Antonio actually sat still and stopped screaming long enough for a haircut.
And now it is back to business - Playing trains and make believe!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Imagination Station

Antonio has reached a major milestone over the past few weeks...he loves pretending HE is someone else. Every day he goes through many scenario's in his head of who he is pretending to be. Today at the park, he was pretending to be Remy. And his imagination sparked all the kids to pretend too.

As he was making soup, all the other kids wanted to make soup too....

He kept saying, Antonio be Remy, sand be soup. He would pick up some sand and open his hands saying "add some spice" - just like Remy in the movie.

And, then as we walked to and from the park - he was Mr. Bloomsberry, I was the Man in the Yellow Hat and this giant pine cone was George. His imagination is so strong.
Every morning I await to hear his voice and hear who he is pretending to be as he wakes up to a new day. The mind of a two year old is a very fun place to be!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Space Needle

Jeff had the week off and spent it in Seattle with Antonio and I. And he got a chance to see Curious George at the Children's Museum.
Antonio had a great time and was happy to see the Space Needle. He has the book Goodnight Seattle and in it are scenes from all around the city. Of course, including the Space Needle.

After some lunch he was excited to see the fountain and hear the music that goes along with it. Since it was about 40 degrees out there was no playing in the water this time, but it was still fun to watch.
And best of all Antonio was really happy about the Space Needle....

Antonio LOVES the Space Needle.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slumber Party

Our boys are having a slumber party tonight - their first overnight at our house together. So fun! They woke up this morning talking to each other and excited to start their day. We went down to put on our gear and head out....

Jeff and I strapped them in their strollers and we set out to the park. It turned out to be such a beautiful day that we also played in the backyard.

After a fun-filled day and a lot of fun, we had a nice dinner and the boys enjoyed watching each other eat.
Jeff and I thought it would be fun to give the boys a bath together - we were wrong. After the tears subsided they both settled down for a story and were exhausted and asleep just after 7.

We were happy we all survived a two child household and seemed to come out unscathed.