Friday, May 29, 2009

Johnny's Park

Now that we have moved we are just minutes from Johnny's park...well blocks and a short wagon ride. It is a great park with lots of grass, bridges, a stream, and some playground equipment. Great for a busy boy.

Antonio and Havana both got to go and have some fun and Havana made a friend, Lilo - who is obviously way better behaved than Havana since she gets to be off-leash. And of course, all this room means tickle games with daddy!

But best of all imagining with sticks, rocks and dirt makes Antonio's day perfect!

Thanks Johnny Carson Park!

Move on down, move on down the road...

Well, last weekend we moved- again. It is getting old and annoying to everyone packing and unpacking but we plan to stay here for awhile and have settled in quickly. Antonio and Havana have discovered the grass and dirt! Such a boy!

So for the tour, here is our unit - It is a nice big 3-bed, two-story townhouse. Can you see who is playing in the dirt under the tree?

Here is a pretty "silent" video tour of the house from the front-door to the top is a great setup for us all. And since the video was made there are far fewer boxes and it actual looks like we live here now.

Most important, Antonio has a lot of space to learn and play and be a kid....and for those who have seen it, pee in the potty, one the floor, the wall and whatever else might get in the way.
Hope you come visit soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's go the Leaf Exhibit at the Zoo

Antonio got a Zoo Pass for Christmas from Brenda, who by the way works on the airplane with daddy. So we adventured to the zoo to see all the animals. The first exciting animals we saw were the pink flamingos. Thankfully, the Wonder Pets have told him who most of the animals are so he was pretty excited about everyone.
Antonio liked the zoo and with each stop he would have me lift him up to see and then say....

That's right, MORE! More animals he would say. So we kept moving through the zoo to see all the animals.

We stayed the longest at the giraffes, and that would have made sense since they were so close and so tall and so cool...
But really, it was all about leaves....

And when one fell through the gate, he of course had to get it back.

It was a fun day at the zoo and thankfully the leaf exhibit was open all day!

Of course, Antonio insisted on no stroller and just walking so it was a long trek and a tiring one, following the white lines all around the zoo in 90+ heat is a lot for a pair of little legs...
and at the end of the day he was so glad mom brought her shoulders to carry him back to the car. Everyone had a long nap that day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Its beautiful

Today, was Daddy's birthday party. And the special guest for the party was Laurie!
So we took our party to COOL PARK for some fun in the sun....

After a busy day and no nap, the time finally came for dinner and of course CAKE! Antonio had been waiting ALL day and was so excited about the build-up...
FINALLY mom said it was time...phew.

And lets face, the cake was beautiful. And yummy.

Happy Birthday Daddy. We love you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pee in the Potty

Today, mommy and daddy couldn't be more excited because today Antonio went PEE PEE on the potty. For the past several days we have been asking him to sit on the potty before bath and today for the first time he sat and did it!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Damn Marley

Seriously, it isn't like we don't know the end of the story but come on...the kid at the end watching the video of him and Marley from when he was a baby. Geesh! Enough to make major tears thinking one day Antonio will look back on these when our princess one day goes to heaven with Copper.

She'll be sleeping on the bed tonight.....

The New Park is Ready

Several months ago when Antonio was taking Spanish class, they were building a new park and today we went to see the finished product - and it is COOL - actually according to our GPS it is now called "COOL PARK". There is sand to walk on...

Slides to go down...

And bridges to climb - moons and stars and so much more...

And there is this great climbing area - Antonio has deemed a pyramid. And yes, he is king...

Best of all the park is full of things to pretend with, especially big kids!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hurray a trip to the library today...

We enjoyed a no school day today and set out for the park with the great tunnel, as Antonio calls it. We had a great time playing and talking through the cool "phone" and then by 10am it was time to head indoors for some cool air.
Luckily at the same place as this great park is the best library. Antonio has only been to a library once and was too young to remember it, so for him this was the first "real" trip. He has books that talk about it and he was very excited.

Once inside, we found a great kids room with a fun tree to read under, lots of fun books too. Antonio was very good at choosing one book at a time. We took our books to the librarian who helped us get our library card! So exciting.

Antonio proudly left the library, card and book in hand! What a great adventure.
And later today we hopped in the wagon and rolled down to Trader Joes, which Antonio has called "grandma Jo's" a few times! It is his new favorite place to shop because....
...when you leave you get a balloon! Today Antonio requested a yellow balloon.
It was a beautiful 90+ day in Burbank.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I felt the earth move...

Antonio felt his first earthquake in California this year on Friday, May 1 at 6:11pm. The whole family was reading stories as we felt the condo shake. And poor Havana, she barked just moments before and we told her to be quiet. Little did we know that she was sensing trouble... We've had a great time in the sun, visiting some of the favorite places like the park with the great sand.
And we've been taking Havana on walks with Antonio and the wagon, which everyone has loved.
Best of all Daddy is here for hugs all the time.