Thursday, November 22, 2007

El Cazador Does Not Serve Turkey... Antonio had to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He didn't mind so much, because that meant he got to see his family, both the Barges and the Rodgerses. And he ate turkey and sweet potatoes and non-sweet potatoes and cranberries (and his usual bananas and oatmeal and whatnot). The only problem with all that eating, is sometimes you need some privacy to take care of some of your business. And sometimes you don't get that privacy.

But still, Antonio had a really nice time hanging out with his cousin...
...except when Elijah tried to touch him. Antonio's personal space is Antonio's personal space.
Then Antonio tried on the new snow suit Grandma bought for him. Since there was no snow, Antonio wasn't shy about showing his displeasure with the Christmas Story-like effect it had on him.
And guess what? Antonio's friend Ya-Ya came, too.
Right now, I'm groggy from too much turkey and pumpkin pie. There will be more later when I get more pictures from the camera onto the computer.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Some people have asked, why haven't I updated the blog in a while. Well, I don't know if you've heard or not, but I am on strike. Why would this prevent me from blogging about Antonio, you ask. Well, it wouldn't. But it's also prevented me from cleaning the house and doing all sorts of other things I want to get out of, so I'm sticking with it.

So how's the strike going? Well, it's going. There are a lot of pickets going on down in LA, but since I'm up in Seattle, it's hard for me to walk in front of giant media companies. But I try to do my part.

And if you're wondering what this strike is all about, here is a video that sums it up pretty well.

Antonio's been a great support during the strike. Some of the time, we just like to kick back and watch some movies. He likes his recliner.
Other times, he likes to run around like crazy and talk to Ya-Ya, the kid who lives in the garbage can who likes a lot like Funhouse Antonio.

Other times he just likes to take a bath.

Here, Antonio is demonstrating his fine splashing technique. I think he may go pro.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Everybody Benefits

Last night was the March of Dimes Celebrity Chefs event. Deb organized it. She's done now. Antonio gets to spend more time with his Mommy again. He's happy about that.

This ends what has been one of the busiest stretches of Deb's life. Two weeks ago, she had the Childhaven event. Last night, the March of Dimes. There's also been some Fred Hutch work, and some other consulting work. She's still got some of that, but for now, the big stuff is over.

This morning, Deb got to sleep in. Then she got to play with Antonio. Then she got to not work. It was a good day.

She helped raise a lot of money for some good causes. And I think she may have had some say in the creation of some of the materials used for event.
Antonio's very happy that his Mommy gets to take a bit of a breath. I'm happy about that, too.