Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Antonio Likes Soup!

We'll get things started off with some pictures of Grandma and Grandpa's recent visit. Antonio was not at all pleased to see them.He hated wrestling with Grandpa.
He despised sharing water with Grandma.He didn't enjoy sitting in his chair with Havana balancing very carefully on part of his pillow fort.

He didn't like any of it. That's for sure.

Another thing he didn't like, his lunch today. At first he thought he was too cool to enjoy his soup.
Then he was curious about the whole situation.
Then... well, let's just show you what happened then.

After lunch, Antonio needed a new shirt.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day. (Part Two)

Antonio had a great Valentine's Day. He had a great past week and a half, too, but you probably couldn't tell that from all my updates. But he did. I swear.

He's been doing lots of exploring. Even after an hour-long walk, he didn't want to come inside. He was happy just hanging out on the porch, playing with Havana's leash, checking out the neighborhood.
Since he's spending so much time with me, he's starting to get pretty good at the wrestling. Here he pinned me in just under a minute. I stand no chance against him.
Oh, and he likes grabbing the camera a lot more than he used to. Here's one of his self portraits.
Antonio spent his Valentine's Day morning with Mamma, who stayed the night. After she fed him his nutritious breakfast...
He decided to give himself a pedicure.
Then we went for a walk and ran some errands. Once we got close to the house, Antonio decided to walk the rest of the way home. That's the thing about Antonio, you can tell him to walk the rest of the way home, but he's pretty going to walk wherever he feels like walking.
Then Antonio enjoyed his favorite part of Valentine's Day. The cupcake. Look how happy he looks just before he eats it.
Now watch how happy he is while he eats his cupcake.

Now look how unhappy he is after he finished his cupcake and his Mommy and Daddy told him he wasn't going to have any more.
Yeah, Mommy and Daddy suck.

Antonio enjoyed the sugar rush for as long as it lasted, then he crashed. He crashed hard.

Here he could barely keep his eyes open long enough to finish watching the Wonder Pets.
All in all, it was a great day. Like all the other days recently. But you knew about those days, because you've been reading all about them here. Right?

Happy Valentine's Day. (Part One)

Just a little something to tide you over until later tonight.


The strike is over. The strike is over.

That's good news, right?

Well, not exactly.

"On strike" sounds much better than "unemployed."

Nobody tell Deb.

It'll be our little secret.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Superbowl Weekend

Antonio was excited about his second Super Bowl. All he could talk about all week was that he didn't think Eli Manning was going to be able to stand up to the pressure and how he really was getting sick of all the Boston teams winning stuff.

And Nemo. He also talked about Nemo.

And Lightning McQueen.

To get ready for the big game, Antonio played with some of his cars (not to mention his favorite ribbon) on his new table. Then he went to the park and ran around. He really liked watching the big kids slide down the slide too fast and crashing onto the bark. He can't wait until he's big enough to do that, too. His Mom and Dad can wait. They can wait a long, long time.
Finally, as the game got closer, he started working on his jump shot.
(What do you expect, he's only one.)

For the game, we went over to Elijah's house. He was as happy to see Antonio as ever.

As for the game, Antonio was proven wrong about Eli. He just hopes the 'Hawks get there next year.