Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Concert 2009

Ya'll didn't think I'd let rest with those three videos, did you?

Of course not.

(Yeah, we were rolling two cameras.)

And now for the rest of the blog post, already in progress.
The show:


Video of the show should be up later.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Imagination Station

Antonio's imagination has exploded...if he isn't pretending to be someone... He is drawing them...
And doing quite well...this is turtle Tuck with a blue hat.

Or he is drawing on the sidewalk ...
Making muffins...

And sometimes telling us it is time to take Havana on an adventure.

His mind is so fun to watch grow!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 (This Is Serious!)

Antonio got all dressed up for Halloween. If you can't tell who he is from this picture, maybe this will jog your memory.

Yep. He's Ming Ming Duckling from The Wonder Pets, his favorite show. (It's also the only one he watches, but it's still pretty entertaining.) If you don't think he likes the show, you should ask him about it. Then, 45 minutes later, when he's recited a half-dozen episodes to you, you'll know just how seriously he takes his love of all thing Wonder Pets.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A day at the park - my old normal

Best music video of all time :)

Like Man Like Man

One of the best parts of potty training a boy is the instant need to read and poop. How at such a young age he knows that this is just what men do is beyond me, but Antonio is living up to his gender.

This was the week, Labor Day, that we made the leap and said no more diapers and within a few days Antonio was potty trained with no accidents for over a week. It was rather exciting, for us any way. And thanks to Kel, we attached it like pros. We pulled the potty just outside the bathroom door which seemed to make all the difference, since it was always in sight.

Just a couple days in, I said to him while in the kitchen, "You need to go pee in the toilet then we will have a snack" when I turned around he was taking his clothes off and doing the deed. Small proud moments for a mom to watch her kid pee on the wall.

Of course, like I said, the bigger business requires some material...

He quickly adapted to the regular toilet and now requires at least three books to do his business, and when the time is right, you can catch him reading loudly to himself - as always.

What a big boy we have!

October in California

Just a year ago when we went to the pumpkin patch we were bundled in layers of clothes, this year, we were bundled in layers of sunscreen.

The trip to the pumpkin patch was far more fun that we expected - and we were lucky enough to find a real working farm with a tractor ride and everything.

Antonio loved the hay pyramid which he conquered several times.
But, the hay maze was his favorite - he went through it over and over and over.

And after a long sunny morning we took some home and decorated.

And a few days later mommy brought our bid pumpkin to school and carved it into a Jack-O-Latern in front of the class. Carving fast in front of three-year olds is hilarious - and Antonio couldn't have been more excited about it. (in fact over a month later he still randomly says, "thank you for bringing a jack-o-latern to school mommy").

Hey, whatever makes the kid smile.

Being three is busy

Just a week after Antonio's birthday he was invited to his first real friend birthday party for Carson. Antonio and Carson love each other and are best buds at school. Carson had his party at Travel Town - one of everyone's favorite spots. And after a great party came the month of sick. Antonio started with a cold from the party, then got a little better...

Then got another bug from school, so we had play at home days. He is dressing up as a cowboy here....
Then, he got a better and Mommy and Daddy went to Disneyland without him :) Funny and true.

And, he got to stay home and play with mouse ears.

By the end of the month the little guy was on the mend, but flu season is just begining.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Antonio Is Three

Antonio had a great birthday. He slept in, had breakfast at his favorite restaurant, then played at the park with some of his favorite people.

After that, it was time for a a super long nap, a Washington Huskies victory, and then time for cake.
Then it as time for more presents and some golf and stories with Mommy.
Only 364 days until his next one.