Sunday, August 31, 2008

Words Words Words

Antonio had a great few weeks in Oak Harbor before we came down to LA and while he was there a light switch went off in his head, turning on his words! And when they turned on we got to see how smart he is, though we knew it all along. Though most of the time we can't understand him, he is talking non-stop now.

Oak Harbor has a few other fun places to play, like the Fort Nugent Park that Uncle Alvin help build. Antonio had so much fun checking out all the equipment.
Antonio got a new pool from Grandma and really thought it was pretty cool....

But the best thing Grandma had was this great purse that Antonio carried around the house everyday. Fashion first.

And Laurie came to see Antonio. She is back from saving the world and wanted to see the little man before his big move. It took a minute for him to warm up but thankfully Copper helped to break the ice. Then it was all smiles and showing off.

After a really long visit began the sad good-byes and each one was tough on Deb. But for Antonio he just figured he would see everyone tomorrow.

Thankfully his sense of time is short so by the time we are home in Washington for the Holidays he will feel like no time has past.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Antonio is making us laugh every day. He is learning so many new words but one of our favorite things is to watch his imagination at work.

This is a little shot of him re-enacting a scene from Cars.

Here's the real scene...

Here's Antonio's version...He has done this for months in our old house, but he did it nonstop yesterday and now that he has words you can hear him say "wow-wee" and that is how he says Ferrari so you can really hear him doing this scene. You can see he has Guido, who he calls "papi" for Pit Stop and Luigi who is called "GiGi".

It is so fun to watch his brain work. Home made box VCR here he comes! (Rodgers family joke)

More blogging to come this weekend with photos and videos from our Oak Harbor vacation! Thanks to Uncle Me-Me for getting the internet to work!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

California Here I Come...

Right back where he started from...though he doesn't really know that. Antonio is finally in California after a few weeks of turmoil, getting his house on the market, staying with Grandma and Grandpa while mom and dad drove to California, and now flying to California with mommy.

Finally, the long await is over and he is going to be in one spot for awhile.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Antonio had a great lesson in women today. His friend Charlie came to visit and he tried and tried to get his point across. He used hand gestures and even stood up to emphasize his point... but in the end, the woman always wins.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Okay, it's been a while. But we've got nothing new to report.
Oh, yeah... we're moving back to Los Angeles.
So we've been experiencing a bunch of "lasts" recently. Here's a picture from Antonio's last trip to the Seattle Aquarium.
And here's Antonio checking out the inspirational words that used to grace his walls. Yeah, he likes to read inspirational phrases in the buff.
And here's Antonio helping us straighten up to put our house on the market.
And here's Havana's last time in the West Seattle garage. You can tell she didn't want to leave.
And so he doesn't feel left out when he reads the blog, here's Antonio sitting on Copper. (or "Ah-Poo" as he calls him.)
So we're spending a few weeks in Oak Harbor before we make the permanent move to LA (Yeah, we ate at El Cazador tonight.), and we're experiencing some new things, too. Like Antonio's favorite new thing to do, chat on the phone.And he got to spend a sunny afternoon at the beach today.Antonio is starting to take Havana for walks. Or is she taking him for walks?Bubbles with Mamma.I'm fighting Bats in Burbank.

I'll fix the words later. I'm going to sleep.