Sunday, June 29, 2008

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

This weekend was easily the hottest weekend in Seattle so far this year. So, like every other family in town we went out in the sun to find things to do. And like a good tourist family, we went to Seattle Center to play in the fountain. This is the space age, remember, so the fountain is this shiny silver thing designed to be the future....but all Antonio cared about is that it had water coming out and he could touch it.
And splash in it...

Just minutes after walking out of the fountain the real show started and the fountain sprayed all over! We just missed it, thank goodness or we would have all been in different clothes.

After checking out the fountain we went to the Children's Museum near-by and Antonio showed me all his favorite things there.
This Ya-Ya is awesome, he has a funny face and check out that chest! On Sunday, Antonio was invited to visit his cousin and his new swimming pool. More exciting than cousin's pool are cousins toys. The thing is that now cousin can move too so sharing is a new and not so fun lesson for the boys. But, the good thing is Elijah doesn't cry every time Antonio looks at him, only when Antonio shows his brown temper and grabs him....

The boys had a really good visit, even though they both woke up WAY too early this morning. People shouldn't be awake in the 5 o'clock hour....oh wait, I'll be up tomorrow then.

The most exciting part of the weekend is that Antonio started saying 'Daddy' instead of 'DaDa'. And that was so great...on Monday he also tried 'Mommy' instead of 'Mama'. For some reason the sound of the 'ee' at the end sure does it make your heart melt.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer, Summer, Summertime

It is officially summer in Seattle, basically that means all the big kids are out of school which means we can go to the track whenever we want!

And, the track is still one of Antonio's favorite places. A lady at the track yesterday told Deb it is a giant play-pen and she is pretty much right. Yesterday there were dogs and people with kites and of course a beach ball!Since it was sunny and quiet there, Deb gave Antonio another portrait session so here are some of the photos....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fish Envy

Grandma and Grandpa are working in Seattle this week at a conference. Luckily that conference is right next to the Aquarium! So Antonio decided to invite them to come and check out some cool fish.
Deb was very excited to hear Antonio say "MA-MA" and "PA-PA" when he was calling for Grandma and Grandpa at the Aquarium. Each day he is getting more words and so excited to show them off!

Grandpa could have stayed all day and watched all the big fish and the big tanks and left with serious fish envy. Antonio on the other hand, found a puddle from this waterfall and could have stayed there all day.

As far as Antonio is concerned, Grandma and Grandpa can come to a Conference anytime.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bye Bye A-E

Today was Antonio's last play time with Laurie (A-E) for awhile because she is going to Africa to save the world again. Thank goodness someone is saving the world for Antonio. They had a great day together, going to the park and going SWIM SWIM SWIMMING. Bye Bye Laurie.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Elijah!

Right after mommy's birthday is cousin Elijah's birthday....actually just one day after. Antonio's cousin is now one year!
Deb and Elijah got a little time together, mostly behind Antonio's back though. He's a bit jealous these days... okay maybe a lot jealous.
Antonio celebrated the occassion by partying at the lake. This is a rare moment of the two boys together, where they aren't bugging each other too much....
Uncle Alvin and Uncle B (Antonio's newest person to name along with Jo Jo and Copper) are always a hit with Antonio and Elijah thinks they are cool too!

According to Antonio the best part of the weekend are the new cars Uncle B gave him! But, really the best part was Cousin's birthday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lake Time

Antonio has spend the past two weekends at the lake and he is really loving it out there. There are tons of family, places to run, dogs and toys, what else could a boy want.

At the lake everyone is always playing cards and Antonio doesn't want to miss out on the card playing either. According to him the best cards are in his hands!

Last summer he was too small to enjoy the lake but this summer he is loving it!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Antonio and I wanted to wish his Mommy a happy birthday.Deb has all the cameras and hard drives with the new pictures in places that aren't here, so here's an oldie but a goody of Antonio and half her face. Quite a self-portrait if you ask me.

We love you, Mommy. Happy birthday.

Update: Antonio did a little dance for mom tonight in his BIRTHDAY suit! Yes, he accessorizes with a lamp shade.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Museums are Awesome

Antonio is finally getting over his cold, but poor guy has his first ear infection. Being sick is no fun! But what is fun, the Children's Museum.

Somehow we have been oblivious to the Children's Museum until someone said, Antonio is the perfect age for it....yep he is.

He and Deb went there today and had a ball...